Filmmaking is an expensive endeavor, and raising the funds for a film are often one of the biggest challenges in the process. We are grateful for your interest in our project and have listed many ways below that you can support us. 
This ensures we receive 100% of your donation. Follow the link above to make a secure direct donation.
Through our fiscal sponsor "From the Heart Productions" your donation may be tax deductible. Follow the link above.

Many employers will match the non-profit donations of their employers. If you plan to make a tax deductible donation please contact your employer's HR department to see if they will match your donation.
Crowdfunding campaign on Seed and Spark will launch in early February and will available via the link above.

• Spread the word
If you know someone who might be interested in supporting this project and/or supporting independent artists, tell them about our project. Even sharing about our project on your social media and talking about it with friends helps to garner awareness and support.

If you have resources such as locations, equipment rentals, vehicles, services or connections to such, please reach out to us via our contact page.

Attend one of our fundraising events. You will be informed about the project and donations are entirely optional. Guests are welcome.

Subscribe to our newsletter via the link at the bottom of the page for periodic updates. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram (links are located at the top right of the web page).
This project is made possible because of your support. Thank you!
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