Donating goods and services can be a great asset to our production, and if not directly from you or your company, you may have connections that you think might be interested in contributing or connecting with us. If this is the case and/or you would like to be credited in our film for a specific good or service, please contact us. Below is a list of suggested donations to our project, it is by no means a comprehensive list.
• Locations
Locations are often one of the largest expenses of any production. We are looking for include- a period-appropriate newsroom, single office, garage/multipurpose room that can be set dressed, private desert road, LED wall stage.

• catering
Our film shoot will likely have a cast and crew of around 20 people per day. Meal donations or discounts from your catering service or a contact's would be most welcome.

• 1940's vehicle
Our film requires a period-appropriate operational vehicle- ideally an early 1940's middle-class sedan.

• 1940's props/costumes
In order to realize the world, we will need access to accurate 1940's props and costumes. These include those that are interacted with and those that aren't. Some props include- cameras, typewriters, phones, briefcases.

• camera/lights/grip equipment
We are utilizing as much equipment as we can through USC but will still require camera, lenses, a grip van and lighting and grip equipment including tracks, dolly, low powered lights, C-stands, various grip equipment, and lighting modifiers.

• covid supplies/ppe
In order to adhere to USC's Covid protocols and ensure the safety of those on set we require a lot of antigen tests and KN-95 or N-95 masks for our cast and crew. If you have any extras you would like to donate to us, we will gladly accept them.

• Expendables
Do you have leftover rolls of gaff tape, paper tape, unused/gently used gels or diffusion, lightly used batteries? We can use them all!
Please reach out if you have any of these goods/services or others not listed that you would like to donate to us. Thank you for your support!
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